Whenever I have to fill in a form about myself on some website there is usually a field labelled Religion.

I started pondering this several years ago. What do I believe? Who do I believe in? Nothing that I've ever seen fits perfectly so I've created something I call Grantianity. What is it and why do I have the gaul to name it after me? Well it's about me that's why! Yep, that's right, I've created a religion where I'm the center focus. In the case of Christians they name their religion after Jesus Christ. If I followed the same principal I'd name mine McWilliamsianity which just doesn't sound right so Grantianity it will be. At this point you're probably thinking that I must think pretty high of myself to name a religion after me right? Obviously you haven't read my welcome message - The Man, the Myth, the Legend or there wouldn't be doubt! ;-)


In all seriousness I spend a lot of time studying cultures and history. If you mixed Anthropology and Sociology together you'd end up with what I occupy my spare time with. We could call it Grantiology! Or would that be the study of me? Anyway I've spent a lot of time watching empires come and go, civilizations prosper and fail and the world in general change. There is one congruous aspect of human nature though – belief. It seems that all throughout history the people who succeeded were the ones that believed in something. It seems that humans have a built in need to believe. The Egyptians believed in Ra and a bunch of other “gods”, Jews believe in YHWH, Muslims believe in Alla, the Teotihaucano's believed in Quetzacoatl and so on. Everyone believes in something. So if we were to look at all of these religions we'd wonder why people keep believing in them if their god doesn't come down and perform miracles for them. We can see the fall of the Mayans because they lost faith in their Sun god and the Priest king that was supposed to be able to communicate with them. After one failed crop they started sacrificing people which as we know doesn't do much for the crops unless bury the bodies in the fields as fertilizer! So what I'm proposing is for you to believe in something that will actually get results. I'm sure I'll tick a few people off by saying you don't get results from going to church but let me explain. You do have a better life when you're doing something that makes you happy. If you hated going to church then it probably wouldn't improve your life in any way. If you loved it and spent a lot of time there your quality of life would improve so yes, you are getting results. I'm talking about different results here. I'm talking about meeting the right person, getting that raise, having a more fulfilling life. I'm talking about believing in something that actually has to do with what you're doing right now – living your life.


Contrary to what you might be thinking right now I don't want you to believe in me. I named this religion Grantianity because my name is Grant and I believe in me. If you're name is bob you could name it Bobianity. Might get a little messy if your name is Ian than (Ianianity?).

There are currently several parts to Grantianity - Grantisms, The River of Life, Bus Maintainance and Believing in Yourself.

Grantisms are nothing more than slightly profound thoughts that pop into my head and vanish just as quickly. This is my attempt to write them down so they can be of use to other people. I've lost just as many as I've kept because I didn't write them down fast enough.

The River of Life is an amazing and very large analogy outlining the progressive and regressive behavior of the struggles of life. This is a very important philosophy and as such will be uploaded when it's written well.

Bus Maintainance might seem like it doesn't belong here but it's very important. People tend to run themselves down until they have nothing left to maintain their lives and those that they're caring for. Bus Maintainance is the fix.

Believing in Yourself is just that. It's an explaination about how powerful the mind is and if we trully believe in ourselves we can and will be successful. Included are techniques to help you in doing so.