Grantisms are short quips of wisdom that I think up and want to write down so I don't forget them. Unfortunately I usually forget them before I record them.

  1. The more places you go the fewer people you have to talk with.
  2. Clarity is a gift given only to those standing at a distance...
  3. Everyone would do something different if they were in someone else's shoes.
  4. We know nothing, those who think they do know less
  5. The man with the ax rarely sees the forest
  6. Half of the people in the world have a below average IQ
  7. Humans never intentionally trade down
  8. Only the bad relationships last forever
  9. Knowledge is only knowledge because of the existance of a  lack of knowledge
  10. The best way to be right as much as possible is to admit you're wrong as soon as possible
  11. Some people don't want help, they want helped
  12. Everything will be OK in the end, if it's not OK then it's not the end
  13. Any idea with sound basis is a contestant for objective discussion. Any idea defended solely based on emotion has no such foundation and as such does not warrant said discussion.