In the summer of 2005 we had an apartment in Paris but no internet. To save upload time I scaled all of my photos to 1024x768. I've always kept the 7 MP images around but never got them reuploaded. Gallery2 doesn't make it very easy to do this either. There is a reupload image plugin but it allows you to edit the image, click on modify image, then reupload image. This keeps the image name, comments, description etc.. but can you imagine me reuploading 2000 pictures one at a time? It takes six mouse clicks at he least to reupload a photo. I can mass upload photos but that makes it hard to only get the ones I wanted before without having to go through them and delete the bad ones. I've settled on a comprimise. If the gallery has a bunch of photos with descriptions etc.. then I reupload them one at a time. If it doesn't I mas upload them and delete the original small images. The Europe/France 2005 gallery is the only one that has photos that need to be reuploaded. So far I have London, Going Home, Bologna, Modena and Venice done.

I also updated a few pictures in my portfolio to reflext this. The pictures of the Pantheon are now the full size 7 MP versions. I added two new photos to the portfolio that I like but didn't notice before.