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Europe - 2015

For 2015 I decided to take my 75 year old mother to Europe for the first time in what I call the "Best of Europe" according to me. Her family moved from England in the 1500's so naturally we had to go back to the family's hometown and see the old house and some graves. 

We broke grandma in with Nimes France and then Paris. Next we were lucky enough to spend a couple of rainy days in Ljubljana Slovenia - possibly the lowest stress city in Europe on the way to Croatia. Too bad about the weather. In Croatia we added Zadar and Ciovo to places we've traveled to. We had a day in Zagreb as well as 5 in Split. Italy came along for the ride - literally. We could fly to Florence, take a train to Bologna and fly from there to Paris for less money than flying direct so we got a free trip to both of those cities. 

  • Nimes - 6 days
  • Paris - 21 days
  • London - 3 days
  • Ljubljana - 3 days
  • Zadar - 6 days
  • Split - 5 days
  • Trogir/Ciovo - 14 days
  • Florence - 2 days
  • Bologna - 2 days 


We flew out of Vancouver BC so there may be a few photos of it as well.